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JUNE 26 - July 17, 2004
LURE projects
"Music for plants" (Philadelphia)
a project curated by LURE.

Featuring new work by:
David Guinn
Shannon Bowser
Matthew Suib
John Gibbons and Isobel Sollenberger
Candy Depew
Paul Swenbeck

Also: announcing the second limited-edition CD in a series of
 experimental audio releases by LURE. Featuring new works
 by Philadelphia sound artists: Puddle, Dissent & Matthew Suib

Congratulations to Jim Trainor (Chicago) for his acceptance into the Whitney Biennial 2004.

MAY 15 - June 5, 2004
Jim Trainor (Chicago) + Frederik Pedersen (Glasgow)
opens Saturday 5/15 7-11pm Slideshow by Jim Trainor @ 9pm
closing party w/ another Slideshow by Jim Trainor Sat. June 5, 2004 @ 9pm

Jonathan Mason, Mark Wagner, Christian Uhl
     [artists pulled from Western Exhibitions (Chicago) and Ocassional (St. Paul, MN)]

Non Fiktion Nois (the band) played their last show at 73SPLIT 3/20/04
also on the bill: I-Attack (featuring members of Los Crudos), Eske, No Slogan, and Reaccion

Review of Scott Roberts and José Lerma by Fred Camper

Philadelphia Inquirer review of Video Holiday 1/24/03

Glasgow Chicago Link Hub

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Jose Lerma and Tito stripping the blue cabinet [1.8mb]
Video Holiday opening night in Philladelphia [4.3mb]

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images top down:

Candy Depew
Peach Bloom, 2004
Silk-screen on fabric
96 x 60 inches
Image courtesy of CandyCoated Studio

Matthew Suib
Untitled, 2004
35mm slide projection

David Guinn
Digital composite sketch for Untitled, 2004 (detail)