new love installations by Yuki Kokubo, Jeff Swanson, Tim Fleming
video/sound/photo/electronic sculpture
OPENING: FRIDAY January 12th 6:00 PM - 11:00
971 W. 18th ST (corner of 18th and Morgan)
regular hours 12-5 saturdays
>> KISS ME Love Test
previous shows
Glasgow Chicago
SATURDAY, FEB. 10th 9pm

CLOSING EVENT: featuring videos by
Ralph Syverson
Margaret Catania
Paul Lloyd Sargent
Christina Royston

sonic pushes by
Collin Olan

SATURDAY, FEB. 10th 9pm



Hello - glad to hear from you too. I've been thinking about you - I keep picturing the image of you naked in my living room right after you woke up on Sat morning. so cute. So, now we're in Florence - we arrived lastnight by train and have been exploring today. Before Florence, we spent a day or so in Ravenna and saw many loevly mosaics. I also had my first real good meal there. three courses and a bottle of wine. I couldn't fit in dessert to make it 4 coourses unfortunately. Homemade tortellini with spinach inside and a tomato cream sauce. heaven. We're staying in a convent with lots of cute old nuns here in Floerence. So far, I really like this city. The bikes and mopeds that look so lame in Chicago look cool here. The weather is alot warmer now that we're more south. The coffee here would make you quite happy. I have a cappucino or espresso at least once a day. OK. Talk to you soon.