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SHADAZZ 4: Evil Eye is Source
Limited Edition VHS tape
(for PAL version visit



A collection of ten collaborative videos made by Glasgow artists paired with Glasgow musicians.

Anne-Marie Copestake/Fred Pedersen and Life without buildings
Katie Dove and Devotone
Stephen Sutcliffe and El Hombre Trajeado
Torsten Lauschmann and Pro Forma
Scott Myles and James Orr Complex
Rob Kennedy and Diskono
Duncan Campbell and Mary Hill
G.F.M. and Hassle Hound
Mark Leckey and donAteller
Vehicle and Crème De Menthe


various artists:
Collin Olan, Chinese Playboy, Quick Bride, Drowsy Birds, Jason Soliday & Robb Drinkwater, Jack Sloss
Mustang Philly
5" cdr


This compilation was put together for an art exchange between Chicago and Philadelphia. Seven Three Split traveled to Philly Summer of 2001 alongside the Butcher Shop (gallery) and exhibited at Basekamp, Vox Poxuli, and Project Room. Pure electronic bliss.

©2001-4 Seven Three Split